We need an "Admin" account

Users out here "in the field" actually using your product really need to be able to manipulate the records which users, and staff, put into the system. 1) I have the need to change the price to be paid for the ticket. A person calls on the weekend, is having trouble getting the system to take his info, or doesn't have access to a computer system right then, to fill out the online registration. So, I say that if the envelop is postmarked by such and such a day, we'll apply the "Early Bird" discount, that will expired by the time we receive payment. I need to have the ability to change the amount owed, and the amount received. 2) When someone fails to enter a Promo Code, they miss the discount. I, being the nice guy that I am, want to grant it to them, because the code pertains to the "FIRST50" who register. So, I go to Paypal and refund only $20, but in Event Spot, the system show that I refunded the whole amount, not just $20. Once again, if I had an "admin" capability to change Registration Payment details, this would allow the change to be made. 3) It's kind of like at a retail store where the cash register operation required for the clerk requires a manager to come over and supply an access code. Once the code is entered, the change can be made by the manager. Seesta? I hope you folks can get this implemented soon, because I've been impressed with the positive changes. I'm actually telling people that I'm starting to like the system, instead of telling them that "you'll love Constant Contact, except for the Event Mgmt piece". Now, I'm showing it off a bit more, and ... would really appreciate these two functions being implemented -- ASAP. 🙂
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