Web Landing Pages with Forms

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This line is posted on the "View Plans and Pricing" screen in the account and is included in Essential and Ultimate toolkits.  This is confusing as to what type of landing pages this refers to.  Are these web landing pages in addition to events, donations, etc.?  If so, why a separate line item for this?   Or are these additional web pages hosted by Constant Contact to use as marketing tools? 


Thanks for your feedback, I can understand how this might be a little confusing. The "landing page and forms are actually in multiple forms. For example, if you are running a survey you have a greeting and closing page. If you are working on an event you have a landing page and an area to collect information (the form). Can you tell me more about what you are working on so I can help determine how this would fit?


Thanks for posting!

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This is regarding directing landing page registration information (name, email) to my Constant Contact contact list.  Why is it that this doesn't work with Constant Contact?   etc. has this ability.  I was very surprised to discover that we had to find another program, upload it to my Wordpress site, re-create the email, and send it from there.  It captured the names and email addressess; next, I had to export the file to my Constant Contact list in order to get them into the desired list.  I read on a tech blog somewhere that this was going to be fixed.  Well, it hasn't yet. 

I see this as a huge shortcoming in Constant Contact.  I can't tell you what a hassle we had trying to make this work, not knowing that it really couldn't be done......

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