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When is your event? section needs date flexibility for multi date events or exclude add to calendar.

When is your event? section needs date flexibility for multi date events or exclude add to calendar.

When a registration page is created for a multiple date program series allowing 1x sign up for the entire series with ability to select programs they are attending, currently the start/end date needs to span from the 1st date of the series to the date of the last program in that series. Ex. 4 programs between 1/25/16-4/5/16 The needs are: Ability to individually enter each date instead of a span to showcase all dates, and/or ability to remove the add to calendar feature from the registration page (it can be removed from the landing page but still visible on registration page. If selected from the registration page it will add the programs to the attendees calendar on every date within the span of dates you have entered in start/end date).

I have multiple fees added to an event but I need to have the capability for an attendee to select more than one fee.  Someone wants to sign up for a dinner and not the conference or sign up for dinner and the conference or I also have a separate tour bus or session on one day and not the other.  Are you saying I have to have a radio button with every possible combination of attendee registration?  In my case that would be 5 option fees and you could combine them in a multitude of ways resulting in well over 25 fee combinations!  This seems very basic that you have a requirement to select more than one fee at a time because you may have a variety of different fee combinations and that making a button for each possible combination is absurd!  Right now they can only select one fee at a time.  What am I missing?   

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You are not missing anything. CC development seems to have their focus on
Social Media and email and not the event management package. We have
requested for years that they make the pricing package more flexible so
that cumbersome work arounds aren't necessary and they introduce the
ability to have multiple workshops inside 1 event with individual workshops
selectable and separate rosters. It also doesn't hand workshops with more
then one meeting (we have workshops that have multiple sessions over
several weeks). But major functional changes seem hard to come by.

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When creating a event registration with multiple sessions constant contact allows someone to choose multipole sessions to attend as long as they choose all of them during the initial registration. However, people typically do not think that way and very often will register for 1 session and then at a later date registrar for another. Currently, there is no way for a user to register for multiple sessions at different dates without using a new email address and creating new registration. This is major functionality that is currently missing.
Hi, it would be nice to have an option for a 2-day event to have start/end times for each day. Thank you!
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We hold 2 seminars in one town.  A Tuesday/Thursday. We allow them to choose 1 night of the 2. So I need the ability to have 2 dates on 1 event that they choose from on a landing page. 

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It would be great if I could add another block to WHEN. I have an event that is two days. Day 1 starts at 8:00 am and ends at 4:30 pm. Day 2 starts at 8:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm. So, the registrations looks like the event starts on day 1 at 8:00 am and runs continuous to day 2 at 4:30 pm. Since I am not able to change this, I will not be able to use this Constant Contact future. Sad!

For our business we do seminars for one event/product; however, these seminars are offered in multiple locations.  It would be very helpful if you were able to enter multiple locations for an event under the Event Campaign selection.  The recipient/client would then be able to select a button for a location that would take them to the appropriate registration and landing page.  The way we have had to do this for the last two seminars is create registration and landing pages under the Event selection for each location, then go to the Email Campaign selection create an email and put in buttons with links to the URL's for the registration page.  This creates multiple entries and seems difficult to use, plus the Email themes do not match any of the themes in the Event selection campaigns.  Overall our product didn't seem too cohesive.

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The date and time fields for event registration is too limited for my client's purposes. My client often has weekend workshops and the system only allows us to show start date and time and end date and time; so the Fri. eve class could start at 4pm - 8pm, Sat. 10-4, and Sun. 9-12. I struggle with how to present that in the limited amount of info. I'm allowed. Do I say Starts Fri at 4 to Sun at noon? That would display: Fri., 4:00 -to- Sun 12:00. I hesitate to do that because some could interpret that as Friday starts at 4 and Sun starts at 12, and may think, "oh good, I can go to church in the morning". If it was clear no one would miss Sunday's class and people could plan knowing they have Sat. night free or if they're long days they may have to take other things into consideration. So, If this could be addressed, that would be helpful.

Thank you.

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Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. 

I'd like to have one registration form for registrants to select from multiple times/dates/locations. I can create those questions, but I can't change the box on the left that lists only one time/date/location. I'm afraid this will be confusing to people when they register.