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When is your event? section needs date flexibility for multi date events or exclude add to calendar.

When is your event? section needs date flexibility for multi date events or exclude add to calendar.

When a registration page is created for a multiple date program series allowing 1x sign up for the entire series with ability to select programs they are attending, currently the start/end date needs to span from the 1st date of the series to the date of the last program in that series. Ex. 4 programs between 1/25/16-4/5/16 The needs are: Ability to individually enter each date instead of a span to showcase all dates, and/or ability to remove the add to calendar feature from the registration page (it can be removed from the landing page but still visible on registration page. If selected from the registration page it will add the programs to the attendees calendar on every date within the span of dates you have entered in start/end date).
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Hi - I'd like to add a pre-header to this email I am sending to the registrants for a workshop on Saturday, but there is no where to add pre-header text. Please add
We are an auction company. At most an ad for a specific auction would run 5 days. 14 days is the shortest option available, and it is to long for our purpose
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I recently scheduled a webinar and could not find a function that would allow me to show the same event on back-to-back days, each day with sessions, at 10 AM and 2 PM.  Also, I had difficultly finding a webinar company that could integrate with CC.  I wound up using Cisco's webex.  Meeting Burner is the webinar company listed on your "Marketplace;" however, when I called them, they only integrate with "MailChimp"

You might want to check that out -- just a suggestion.

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There needs to be a feature to support non-contiguous class dates.  In the sewing world, we often have a series of classes a week or a month apart. This gives the student time to complete their homework (ie. to finish the portion of the project started in class in order to be ready for the next class). The fee would be for the entire class, and the student is expected to attend all classes, so I can't break it up into multiple events.  If I did break it up, that would imply to the students that they could only participate and pay for the dates that they want to attend.  This would not be acceptable to the instructor.

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Would like the option in a event campaign to have the ability to register in the same event for more than one day. Example, I hold a banquet two nights in a row at a large trade show. In the same event invite I would like for my customers to choose which night, or both nights if they wish, to attend. As it stands now I have to send out two separate invitations forcing my customers to go through registration more than once.