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When using "guest" feature for registration forms, information does not export how I expected.

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When using "guest" feature for registration forms, information does not export how I expected.

When collecting event registrations, you are given the option to have registrants bring a guest(s). On the registration forms, I have the registrants complete their business information and personal information, and their guest's information (name, email, title), if applicable. When I exported the report, I expected any guest information to automatically be associated with/listed under the company/person with whom they are registered. This is not the case. This makes it extremely difficult to keep track of which guest is with which company. It seems as though under the guest information section, you would need to add a field and have them re-type the same company information that was already filled out at the top. Hoping this glitch can be corrected in the future.

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There should be an option to have an unlimited amount of guests or the registrant should be able to declare their own number of guests. I would prefer not to have to select a maximum number of guests for my registrants.
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Thanks for this feedback. Can you help me better understand how you would like to set the number of guests? Right now, you can allow people to bring up to 100 guests. Would you like it to be completely unlimited for events held in a place with no max seating/room?
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It would be nice to have a separate column in the report for dates and times; or to have a report pickup with current registrants since the last download.
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Thank you for this feedback. Please vote for this idea if you'd like to have this implemented.
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Thanks for posting this feedback! There is a "guest of" field but I can understand how this can be difficult to sort when there are lots of registrants. 

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I have learned to sort my data by "Registration Date".  That puts it back in the order that they were registered.

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When I export my registrant list, it doesn't include guests names and I have to manually add them to my spreadsheet
For our organization, we often have events where we aren't able to accommodate the ability for people to bring multiple guests without registering them first. To address this, we have typically marked 'No' for guests, but then provide a place within the Primary Registrant to register an additional person/ people. However, then we do not get a total headcount on the Event Dashboard. It would be very helpful to have a way in which we could get a total number of guests on the dashboard that reflects this system, perhaps through number of tickets paid for, as opposed to registrant info. Thanks for your consideration!