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Would like Birthday emails

Would like Birthday emails

Can you please add a way where we can enter contacts' birthdays and have a birthday email automatically go out to them on their birthdays? Or at least create a way where we can send out birthday messages simply without having to create a custom list for each day?
Hello, Every month we construct a birthday email for our contacts. I have made an email list for each month and every time that month comes around I search in the Advanced Search section for "Birthday Starts With #" so I can add all of the people within that birthday month who have joined our database this year. The one problem comes in January....The only option that works in this case is "Starts With" and when you search the number "1" for January, October, November and December also come up because each of those months also starts with 1. On top of that you cannot conduct a search that allows you to separate those people which makes you have to click on everyone's individual profile top check what there birthday is which I do not have time to do. Please let me know what you think



As with most other clients of Constant Contact, our company would like to start a Birthday Club program.


It should motivate you to know that **Removed By Moderator**


Also, there are private companies offering this service (using terrible templates), but we believe that you can do better.


Please make this happen ASAP as we are rooting for you!





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Hi KirkOffice 

This is coming soon, stay tuned!



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Is there any possibility that you all would consider offering a reminder service for your members to be sent out for birthdays and anniversarys?


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This request is years old. 

There is a goods reason for them not enabling it apparently, but its not obvious.


I've enabled it on a monthly basis for my clients that want this , but its still manual.   UGH.




Hi Irene and Tony,

Thanks for the feedback on this feature. This is actually something coming very soon. Unfortunately I can't give a date as we could always run into unexpected circumstances but we will keep you updated with details as soon as possible. 

Dear Sir / Madame, We would like to ask you if it is possible to automate the process of sending of Birthday e-mails? Every week we have to send a plenty amount of congratulations, at the moment we do it manually. But what if we will add the date of birth in every contact profile, would it be possible then to set up the automatically sending of birthday greetings?