Would you PLEASE allow us to Copy an e-mail announcement?

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Would you please allow us to copy an e-mail announcement of an e-mail we've prepared to announce a coupon we've developed? Currently, when you select the arrow to the right of previously used Coupon Emails, it allows you to copy an e-mail but it copies the original e-mail, not the once created and used in the campaign we're copying from. Thank you and this would be very helpful to have. Please contact me with any questions at

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Here is an image of what I'm suggesting:




Thanks for posting this feedback! Where is the email you would like to use (and copy)?

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Hi Hannah, the e-mails I'd like to copy our e-mails to promote a coupon.  Currently, we have the same monthly coupon that goes to our customers the first of each month.  We'd like the ability to copy both the Coupon AND the e-mail announcing it.  Currently, we CAN copy the coupon but the e-mail announcing it does not copy with it therefore I have to spend about 30 minutes rebuilding the e-mail from the Coupon I just copied.  If you'd rather call, I can do a quick screen-share with you and show you more speficically what I'm referring to....  Thanks.... Dan


Hello Hannah.May I ask if there's been any progress on this?


I'm going in now to "re-create" the e-mail announcement of the coupon which I need to do each month and would sure like to just be able to "copy" the e-mail announcement or better yet, save the e-mail announcement as a template that I can start with in a new coupon campaign.

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