add manual registration after the event & larger group registration

EventSpot really needs to include the following options for event managers: 1. The ability to manually add someone to the list of event attendees after an event is over. If someone did not register ahead of time and attended an event, we would like to be able to add them. 2. The ability to manually register people with a different tool than the same thing the public uses. This tool would allow you to register people in batches and larger groups than the public registration page allows you to. It would also have an option for each person you register this way that allows the event manager to choose if they want Constant Contact to send a confirmation email or not. 3. The ability to see a full list of everyone who registered for an event, including guests of registrants. This way you can accurately record who attends and who doesn't. For example, if someone registered themselves and a guest, but then did not bring the guest, I should be able to mark this.
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Thank you for your suggestions.
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Frequent Participant

I agree.  Please add these features.  Another feature that I feel is really needed is a table number field that can be displayed in all reports.

Occasional Participant

I absolutely agree. There really needs to be a way to add attendees after the event who did not register prior to the event. This is vital for tracking purposes and fostering those contacts in the future. Thanks!

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