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as the admin -  should an attendee register for the the wrong event or catagory I would like to be able to move attendee registrationwithout having to cancel their original registration.


I would like to be able to register group registration without the requirement of a unique email for each person. (not everyone has an email account). Group registration are not the same as entering guest registrations . usually group registation only have one person as the primary contact


 if I register someone and have to update their email and the are already in our contact list -the system should recognize that it is being done in the admin mode and not tell me that it is a duplicate, or at the very least it should only as the verfication question The emails is detected as belonging to ______, Are you sure you want the email address.


 if a  payment is incomplete- I should be able to send a Payment Retry.


If payment is by check I should be able to enter the check information when the payment is rec'd in order for the payment to be marked as paid.


as the admin- I should not have to enter discount code- all fees should be available to admin, including early-bird fee.


as admin- I should be able to register mail in registration at early-bird fee without having to change the date (which makes it also available to public)


as admin- need more robust reporting- constant contact still wont't let me have acess to all fields so that I can filter base on what I am looking for. re: filter reports based on their unique questions, filter based on fee catagory.


as admin- I should not redirected to the event landing page- I should be prompted to end the session or be eble to immediatley enter a new registration


if abandoned registration become registered-it should be updated to reflet the date of when the registration actually occured not the original date.


registration list should have a search function


admin should have a snapshot of total revenue on event dashboard without having to download reports.



Thank you for your consideration.







Thanks for sharing all of this feedback! We will keep you updated in the Community with changes to the product. 

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