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When I look at the event emails, when accessed through the dashboard, it shows me which invitation were sent. I think it's confusing that when I do a quick send email to 3 contacts (as an example) this information is NOT displayed in this view. I can only determine this by going to the 'Emails' tab. In that view I can see what was mailed but I can't see to whom I mailed it.
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Thanks for sharing this idea, I apologize for the confusion. Since the quicksend action comes from the Contacts tab it is not shown in the event emails section. You're right, it will show under the invite in the email tab if you have Email Marketing. Do you quicksend to new people frequently? Are these people who were not on your mailing list to get the original invite?
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When resending an email invitation to an event, impossible to see anywhere what email list it's being sent to. The entire process is clumsy and not intuitive.

Hi @MiriK

Thanks for posting. To clarify, are you resending an invite through an Event or is this an email you created using a regular email template?

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