copy existing email to use in auto responder series

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The auto responder series I want to copy from doesn't display in the list. There are actually two series missing in the list of options of emails to copy from. There should also be an option to search or sort the emails somehow. The one I'm no copying from is so far down, I have to click "see more" 5 times to get to it. Only three new/more campaigns display when I click that button, which is also way too few. This feature needs to be improved and be made more user friendly. Thanks for listening.
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Great feedback @HenrietteR,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding some of your Autoresponder series.  Which are the two you aren't able to see in the list?


S17 Auto Regular Consignors & S17 Auto Super Consignors.


The rest of my comment was just about the functionality. It would be great to be able to sort or search the list. 

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