create my own custom theme

I would like to create my own custom theme and have it available as a choice for each event I create. I can accomplish that now by copying an event that i have but I find that cumbersome. If I can create my own custom theme for my landing page with my logo, colors, etc, it would make life a little easier. Thank you!
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Thanks for sharing this idea! You're right, you can create the custom theme and copy it over but I can understand how saving it as a theme would save you some time. Please continue to vote on ideas you would like to see implemented in the future!

i am trying to use a picture i own as a background for a custom theme


Can't figure out how to do this


HI @TinaRuggiero

At this time you cannot use the image as the background for the entire form but you could put the image in a block if you needed it to be included. I would suggest matching the color and feel of the landing page as closely as possible to the image in question. 

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