credit card option for ticketed events

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What is the fee for WePay? Cannot tell how much either the organization or the buyer will be charged. Not so obvious on their site. Not really interested in being forced to creating another credit card collecting relationship.
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Hi @PamD180,


The fee for WePay is 2.9% plus an additional 30 cents per transaction. You can find out more information about WePay here. You also have the option of connecting PayPal to your events. Currently, PayPal has the same fee as WePay.


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-Rob L.


is there  way we can put in the weblink from donorperfect as a payment method instead of paypal or wepay? 


Hi @LindaM21


There is not currently an integrated method of using DonorPerfect. However, you could direct registrants to select the Cash option, and then include the weblink to your DonorPerfect page. You would have to go in and manually update contacts to paid once they completed their payment within DonorPerfect.


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-Rob L.

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