email only unpaid registrants & allow for cc/paypal payment link

There should be an option when emailing registrants to filter by payment status, and provide them the option to pay with cc/paypal. Currently I have to email a generic email to everyone that says something like "thanks to those who have paid, and if you haven't already paid..." It would be better if we could filter the email to registered people to only include those who haven't paid. 


Also, we have different prices based on membership, so while I can manually create new paypal links, I have to send them two links explaining that one is for members only. It would be better if a "pay now" option was available that used the registration type/price that they selected when they registered. 


Thanks for posting this feedback! At this time the only way to target those who haven't paid is to create a new list. I understand this is not ideal but wanted to make sure you knew this was possible. 

Status changed to: New
Status changed to: Voting Open

still have this need!

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