emails for events

1) Please make it so I can send emails to selected registrants 2) Please make it so I can preview and copy emails from various previous events to new events I'm creating, or even after I've created them.
Status changed to: Voting Open
We should be able to send emails not only to registrants as a whole but to attendees and those that did not attend.
It is so frustrating not to be able to copy an email or use one from My Templates in a new event. We have an extensive logistics email that we use for every event. The only way I know to get around re-creating it from scratch is to copy an old event including the emails and editing it for the new event. Sometimes (like today) one of our partners accidentally creates a new event with no emails, people register for the event (so I can't cancel and recreate it by copying), and I am stuck recreating the logistics email from scratch. This will probably take me 45 minutes of my Sunday.
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