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I may have asked for this feature before, but I can not believe that I still have to transfer contacts that I collected through event responses manually by downloading/uploading to my contact list. There really should be a contact list that is created with each event that all those contacts get saved into, that is then available in my regular contacts list lists. I use 8 events a year, at least, and it's really cumbersome when there should be a very easy and simple way to do this.

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Hi @HenrietteR

Sorry if this wasn't clear! When you run an event you have an option to include a signp box in the registration process. If a contact checks this off indicating they want to join your mailing list they would be added to your account as "Permission to Send" contacts. When a contact does not check off that they want to join your mailing list they are added to the account as "No Permission set" because they have no indicated they want to receive other emails from you. You would only be able to send these people emails about the Event, nothing else. 


Are your Event registrants not understanding this process or are you needing to email these poeple outside of the Event with Event updates?



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When people register for my events, I would assume they are interested and want news about future events. I believe the sign up box is automatically un-checked, meaning unless they click that, the email address gets put under "no permission to send", and then I can't email them anymore. If it would be clicked and they can opt out, that would be different. 

I need to be able to send emails outside the event. I also don't like the look of emails from the event and would prefer to send them through the regular newsletter, even if they only pertain to a specific event. 

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