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Dear Event Spot Would it be possible to add to the event planner's confirmation the fields of Payment Status and Payment type. I would like to know on each confirmation I see whether they paid and by what format. I particularly want to see who is paying by credit card, as those payments go thru a 3rd party and I have to report to my Finance people how to process those 3rd party payments into the income for each event. Better yet - I'd love to be able to choose what fields I want to see on the Event Planner's Confirmation for each event, rather than get a canned confirmation. thank you Patty Young Catholic Diocese of Green Bay ***REMOVED BY MODERATOR***

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Thanks for your feedback Patty! I think that's a great idea for those not able to check their account frequently for payment status updates. We will look into this for you. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any more details or feedback to give us! We truly value your opinion.
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