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by RobertF262 on ‎08-16-2013 11:08 PM

Hi,  I called today because you changed the event feature and I am unable to access the information I need for my events.  I called to day, 8/16/13 and talked to a women who said she would create a document with my needed information and send it to me within the next half hour.  That was at 3:15 pst.  It is now 7:58 pm and I have not received any email from her even though I gave her two emails to reply to.  Please pass this along to management.  


I am very disappointed in the changes you made on this feature without any warning or even a trial.  We schedule many events using your service and I don't appreciate the lack of warning and I am dissatisfied with the changes.  I am unable to download a list of participants and their registered guests which we use to sign them in to class.  I also use that list to send a personal email to participants.  The changes you made don't allow me to do that without hours of cutting pasting and deleting from multiple documents from your site.  Again, I am completely dissatisfied with the changes and your lack of customer services.  I want to know what you are going to do to remedy this problem which will have a negative impact on my income.  Patricia 


I want to add to my last post.  The participant list will NOT EVEN DOWNLOAD!  I have to send 60 students a change in class location for this Sunday's class.  I cannot do that with these changes you made! Please fix this or go back to the previous design.  Patricia


still more to the previous emails, maybe I should post this on facebook.   I need the participant information that was captured in the last event feature design.  It included coupon voucher numbers and guest emails/contact information which we also need to check in participants.  I cannot access this information now without going into hundreds of individual participant files on your site!!!!  This is a waste of my time and money!


Also, I just realized why your employee didn't send me the files she said she would send.  It cannot be done without hours of work.  I am having to do it now for classes this weekend of close to 100 participants.  Again, I am very, disappointed and disgusted at this point with your terrible services.  Patricia





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Thank you for posting. I'm terribly sorry to hear that this issue was no resolved for you in a timely manner. I can certainly understand your frustration. It looks like by now you have received the information that you need but I wanted to take the time to recap where this information can be found for any event going forward. The information that you are looking for is still available, however it is located in a different place than you were used to. When you click into your event under the EventSpot tab, the page will default to the event Dashboard tab. The report you are looking for is under the Reporting tab. Once you click on the Reporting tab, there will be a blue button to "Export New Report". This will run a report and then provide a "download" link that will then open up a spreadsheet for you with all of your registrant and guests details. My apologies once again for the frustration this has caused.




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