informational email should include pay status

I collect the actual registrations in a spreadsheet since our events have lots of add ons that are hard to track in Constant Contact. I rely on the "informational email to inform you that a registrant has registered for your event" to put all that information into my spreadsheet. Since the pay status is not on that e-mail, it makes me add the step of going into our account to find out if that person has paid by credit card or if I should await a check from them. HOW HARD CAN IT BE to add the "paid status" into the informational e-mail? OR to add the "payment method" field that our registrants get in their confirmation e-mail to the e-mail that the administrators get? That would save me a lot of time!

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Yep. The programmers need to think of flexibility for the user when they go about designing things.  Everyone needs to see slightly different fields in different places at different times depending on the task at hand.

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