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the content is bundle together which makes user difficult to read it, especially the content is almost 600 words. Constant contact should have a paragraph feature
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Hi @user26688 are you able to create spacing by adding page break tags <br> or <br/>  into your text? What kind of information are you looking to include in your landing page that would require paragraphs?

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I am surprised by the limited amount of anything we are able to put on the landing page. We were hoping to have more information with also would include a section of bullet point items... I am unable to type a bullet points, have more than one paragraph, or have more than 600 characters. Is there a way to change this?

Hi @EmilyF822 what kind of information are you looking to include in your landing page that would require paragraphs or more than 600 characters? Are you looking for bulleted points or numbered bullets?

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We were hoping to of course have the contact info gathering that is already available to us. We are used to our landing pages having more information about the product we are selling and then they are requesting additional information of how we would adapt it to their business's specific needs, to speak to a member of sales team etc. The current format of the CC seems like it is built solely for contact info gathering rather than an actual landing page. Right now we have no control of the set up for what it would look like beyond a blob of words. We wanted paragraphs, bullet points, the option to have pictures/diagrams if we want. 

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