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I could not figure out how to use the landing page. I got no further than attempting to insert an image. I know how to upload an image into Constant Contact but when I tried to insert it it was to big, when I searched for size requirements I could tell others had the same problem but there was no guidance to be found. When I searched how to edit in Constant Contact the directions I found did not match reality. You have a frame established but no means to make an image snap to fit that frame. Resizing the image in your photo editor to 33% and "exporting" it (? save was not an option) made zero change in the image size. Useless the whole idea is useless to me.
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Hi @CandaceV51 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! Are you having this experience with the background image on your landing page or the logo you have inserted? How large was your original image? Which directions were you following, and at what step did these directions begin not to match the process you were seeing?


I have the same issue. The Lead generation landing page only allows to replace the logo and I want to put instead the same header banner I have on my e-mailing. How shoud I do that ? 


Hi @Melanie_HSci are you trying to add this header banner from your email to your landing page in addition to your logo?

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