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I find the mobile view of events problematic. When people click the event link on mobile or tablet they are directed to the registration page instead of the event landing page. Most don't notice the teeny tiny letters that say "desktop view" at the bottom. It would be much more helpful if there was a LARGE NOTICEABLE clickable link or button that says "click here for more event details." I receive unnecessary emails from people who say "I went to the link but didn't see any information only a registration page." And have probably lost countless leads and conversions due to people landing on that page and not seeing the information they're looking for.
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Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. The user won't go to the registration form at this time because of the steps involved on a mobile device. Is it possible for you to include the details in the invite or on the registration form to re-iterate for those who have already seen it and to tell those who haven't?


I agree that sending folks with mobile devise to registration page and not the landing page (albeit the tiny print that allows them to go to desktop view) seems counterintuitive.  The landing page is the first step in finding out about the event one is registering for.  

Maybe there could be a two different urls. One for the landing page and one for the registration page. This would allow mobile user to click on the page they need.   We have people who write to us wondering why we are asking them to register for an event and they don't even know enough about because they have missed that fine print about desktop view or assumed desktop view meant they had to be on a desktop computer.


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To register for event on a mobile device, the reader needs to give their email add. before even getting to reg. form. They cannot proceed without doing that. This was jarring to me. I heard the same reaction from 2 of my clients. People assume they're getting put  on an email list. Later on in the reg. form there's the option to get on the email list but they don't know that when they're bluntly, initially asked for their email add. I might abort the registration if I was sitting on the fence and just took a leap or if I was going to the registration pg. for clarification (not everyone is clear in their communications - particularly in the events - my client often has weekend workshops and the system only allows us to show start date and time and end date and time so the Fri. eve could start at 4pm - 8pm, Sat. 10-4, and Sun. 9-12. I struggle with how to present that in the limited amount of info. I'm allowed. Do I say Starts Fri at 4 to Sun at noon? That would display: Fri., 4 -to- Sun 12. I hesitate to do that because some could interpret that as Friday starts at 4 and Sun starts at 12, and may think, "oh good, I can go to church in the morning". If it was clear no one would miss Sunday's class and people could plan knowing they have Sat. night free or if they're long days they may have to take other things into consideration. So, If that could be addressed too, that would be helpful - if the system would let us put in multiple day events with a clear showing of dates and times.) As for the registration on mobile,  perhaps some verbiage could assure the person they're not getting put on a mailing list - perhaps letting them know it's  for confirmation purposes only.

Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing!

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