need backdoor to registration form

need backdoor to registration form

The event software used to have a backdoor to the registration form that was open to the sys admin, and ran independently of whether or not registration was closed. I talked to a manager today who confirmed this backdoor broke during a recent upgrade. Please reinstate this backdoor. After registration closes, it's very common for a handful of people to re-register so they can change their payment method from check to credit card. In the past I could give them the override-URL that gave me the registration form despite registration being closed. Now I have to re-open registration to let them re-register themselves. It's a risk to my catering head count numbers to have to open it back up. Please reinstate the sys admin backdoor to the registration form. Thank you. 

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Hello @AAWCC-OR,


This is great feedback, I agree. I've opened this up for voting to bring it back.


Thank you!

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I thought that we used to be able to do this, and couldn't recently.... now I see that was an "upgrade" I agree, it needs to be brought back