not easy to email non responders

Maybe I'm not doing it correctly but when I hit the tab to email non re-sponders not much carries over. I basically have to redesign the whole event. Why can't it just do a basic clone of the original?
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Hi Rob, Thanks for posting. Unfortunately this part of the process hasn't changed with the update. You will have to re-create the email to non-responders. You are welcome to copy over some of the information from the old invite using the HTML code. We're working on developing this feature for the near future, stay tuned and thanks for your feedback.

Want to schedule non-responder email when setting up emails. Option is greyed out.

HI Jodi, 

The option to email your non-responders won't be available until your original email is sent as there is no "non responders" to reference. Is it possible this is what is happening?

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Two areas for improvement: 1. Make it possible to 'copy' and change an email invitation into an email to non-responders. It's a waste of time having to copy-paste everything from one email to the other. 2. Allow the email to non-responders to be scheduled before the invitation has been sent; let the criteria be that the email invitation has at least been scheduled. Ideally we could set up both messages, and not have to return to the Campaign to initiate the email to non-responders after the initial invitation has been sent.

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