option for resale/transfer of a purchase?

If I could have one thing from constant contact, it would be for my participants (in an event) to be able to re-sell or transfer or gift their registration/ticket to another participant. Instead I have to do re-sales by hand offline and use a "resale" promo code. It's just a bit laborious. It's the main missing piece of this service for my uses. Thanks!

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I love Constant Contact and have put all my events on Event Spot.  Everything works except I need to transfer people between events.  I need a simple move this person to that event that's behind the scenes.


Here's what happens now -- Client emails that their child is sick and they want to move to the event next week.  That's no problem with me.  Perfectly fine.  I just need to move their name to the new event.  


Customer Service said I need to ask the person to cancel their registration.  Then they need to ask for a refund.  Then they can re-register.  Folks are not going to do this.  They will never register.


Please give me the ability to move people between events.  It can't be that hard.  You've done amazing coding.  This one can't be that hard. 

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