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option to Remove add to calendar link from registration page

The event 'add to calendar' links on the landing and registration pages are pretty useless for online events since they create a calendar event that links back to the registration and not the actual webinar. It causes lots of confusion for people who are relying on their calendar and then on the day of the event they find themselves back at the registration.

How about an option in setting up the event to completely remove 'add to calendar' links? 

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Hi @MikeB82916

Thanks for posting! You can actually turn off the Event Calendar if you want. This is done within your Event dashboard. I included a screenshot of this checkbox below for you!



Does this seem like what are you looking for?

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Nope not even close. On the events landing page and on the registration page there is a link on the left side to "Add to Calendar" on the landing page i can remove it on the registration page i cannot. Clicking this link creates a calendar entry with a link that leads back to the event registration. This is very confusing when someone is looking for the online webinar (Webex) and not the registration they have already completed. 



Can we please fix this? Especially in the age of virtual meetings, it is super confusing for attendees to "think" they have the link to the webinar in the calendar and just have a link to RE-register for the event they already registered for. There is no option to remove the "add to calendar" link on the initial sign-up page. It is automatically placed in the template.


Agreed. It is confusing to point people back the registration page once they have already completed registration and received a download to calendar file


Is it still true you can NOT remove the link to Add to Calendar.  I really don't want this to appear.


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