summary reporting of credit card payments

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It would be so much easier for our finance person who processes the credit card payments, if she could pull a customized report weekly of all the credit card payments, the registrant name, dollar amount, date paid, and event name. Currently, once a week, we have to pull a payment report for each active event, and update a spreadsheet for the finance person. There are 5 of us using this product, and we may have 10 active events at a time. This process is pretty time consuming. It would be nice if you created a reporting dashboard on the main Event Spot page to allow users to pull customized reports like a payment report that included all events. What's the chance that you would do this in the near future?
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Thank you for your suggestion. That's an interesting idea, and I'm not sure what the feasibility of it is, but it will be looked at by our development team. Please vote for this idea if this is something you'd like to see.
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