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your pop-up feedback form

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your pop-up feedback form

You pop-up questionaire didn't show a 'submit' button or a 'next page' since I was able to see there was 2 pgs of questions. I took a screenshot of the problem if you need to see my view in order to troubleshoot. Kind of like this 'feedback' form...I now see there is only an 'x' in the top, right corner and no 'submit' button. I hope you get this somehow. Sheri ps. since the textbox was highlighted BLUE I took a chance and hit the 'tab' key and the 'submit your feedback' button appeared! Maybe that's where you can fix the other popup problem.
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CTCT Employee
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Hi @DeltaP3 


Thanks for the feedback! I'm sorry that you were experiencing that defect. The image did not attach so I cannot see exactly what was happening, but I will pass the information along to our developers nonetheless. If you see this message, we would appreciate it if you can try to share the image again. The Help Forums have a function to upload and embed an image in a post, which can be found here:


Insert Image.jpg



Rob L.