Fastest Ways to Keep Campaigns Similar and Yet Fresh?

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Hello All!


Since you are likely very efficient users of Constant Contact, and I find it somewhat slow when attempting to duplicate an update to make tweaks for a new release, what are the ways you use photos and messages to freshen your message while keeping a consistent theme?






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Hi @DebbieL2,


I'd like to share a couple of guides that you might find useful on your journey. I'd certainly love to hear from others, but here's some resources Constant Contact cooked up for ya:


The 5-Step Approach to Successful Email Marketing


How to Write an Email in 15 Minutes or Less 


And I suggest you don't feel like you have to jam pack the email full of content every time. Short and sweet and give the audience links to check out things further, such as to your own blog or a storefront, etc. 

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