Nonprofit group needed!

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I'm echoing support for a nonprofit group. Our audiences and messaging are separate from for-profit businesses, yet we have a lot in common, regardless of our nonprofit sector. Would love to see this group started.

Andrea L. Rosenbaum
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I agree that a Nonprofit Group Hub would be a great idea!   I know that when I'm talking with other people who work for nonprofits that I always learn a lot!  I run a national honor society for entrepreneurship students/faculty...a 501(c)3.  

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Just curious if there are enough non-profits that use Constant Contact to start our own Group Hub? If you are a non-profit, please respond. Maybe we can help each other out. Thanks!

Marci Moran, SVP Outreach & Events

Inclusion Matters by Shane's Inspiration

Marci Moran

Hi! Yes, we are a nonprofit organization that provides educational services and advocacy for the performing arts (specifically, non-professional theatre). Hope there are other nonprofits interested in starting a Group Hub too!


Cynthia Nagle

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TANYS (Theatre Association of New York State)


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I think a Non-Profit group is an excellent idea, if there are enough of us for 'critical mass'.  We are a medium size church in the suburbs of Chicago, and using CC has been enormously important during the pandemic.  We added hundreds of new subscribers, and continue to add more each week.  We live stream our services every day, via our website and our FaceBook page, and get a lot more attendance than in-person services! We reach out using CC to let parishioners know about Funerals, and include links to the obit.  This was surprisingly well received.  We also have weekly 2- minute videos from our clergy, to add a personal touch.  Our donations have suffered, but we can only imagine how bad it might be if we didn't have CC to keep the lines of communication open.  The needs of a non-profit are quite different from others, and it would be helpful to find like-minded souls in the ether!

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Amy we are an old age Pensioners group, and your concerns exactly marry ours!

Yes very much, need dedicated support for non-profits. I have just signed up to find out how to set up for our OAP0 group. Need: contact management, sales for Crafts, sales for fine Art, sales for quilting, sales for raffle sales, website, social media platform. 

Have Been frustrated so far in trying to navigate tons of promotional material, hard to come to grips with the different elements and how they are made to string them together, starting of worth a blank page on startup was not a great experience.

Hi! We're a not-for-profit in Canada that offers art therapy education and mental health services. We'd be interested in joining a non-profit hub. It's always good to connect with other non-profits, and we're particularly interested in the non-profit mental health sector. Give us a shout if you'd like to connect!




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CiiAT - The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy

@AndreaR23 @MelissaY83 @EricK9206 @AmyPrin @NancyC103 @TANYS_MemberServices @InclusionMattersByShanesInspiration and anyone else who finds this thread,


We had a few different posts around this request so I combined them all into one thread. Thank you so much for all your thoughts surrounding the addition of a nonprofit group! The reasoning behind us not creating this group right off the bat was because of the varied needs that nonprofits have (fundraising, advertising, etc) and all the different people and groups they serve.  Even viewing this thread, I can see how many interests and focuses your organizations have! 


I have two different approaches to this request and I would like to bring them up to this group so we can better understand your needs and decide what type of group would be most useful for you. 


1. Create one large nonprofit group and have discussions surrounding the areas and people you serve, like education and community services. There would be a request to have your subject line clearly point out what type of organization you work with so those visiting the group could easily find threads that are of interest to them. A drawback I see to creating this large of a group would be an oversaturation of discussions that may not be useful and it could be difficult to easily search for relevant discussions. 


2. Create specific groups that focus on an industry (education or community services. These ones happen to come to my mind first so I'm using these as an example). These groups, however, may not be 100% nonprofit-focused as the group would be open to those who are for profit as well. 


I would love to hear the group's thoughts or suggestions as we determine the next best step. A community thrives when there are contributions from many voices, not just one. 


Caitlin M.
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I received a few replies through the email notification and I'll post them here for visibility:


@NancyC103 - I would prefer to have one large nonprofit group, exclusively for nonprofits.


@EricK9206 Great! Suggest that the option # 2 would be best. Feel it will prove to be the most flexible in meeting a variety of needs which can be met by services that are expertly provided by Constant Contact.
It may be best to define the various nonprofit types. To start the ball rolling here's a few for a start,,,,

  • Community centers
  • Faith groups
  • Special needs
  • Environmental
  • Research
  • Educational
  • Purposes that benefit the community
  • Public safety
  • Prevention



As you can see, there's already a difference in what is preferred and that's great! Looking forward to hearing from others.


Caitlin M.
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