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Hello Industry Community!


I am new to Constant Contact within the industry of Churches.  I used it previously years ago as a Director at our Chamber of Commerce.  I am excited to see updated features and experience the ease of use for members.  

Since COVID we have been like so many others and developed most of our programming through virtual means.  So many do not have social media and we know we are missing this group in connecting them with announcements and events.  

I am interested in how other churches are taking advantage of Constant Contact during this time?  Anything you have to share that has helped you, please share.   

Have a blessed day!


Jodi Lloyd
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Our church has used Constant Contact since 2014. We mainly use it to communicate through two emails each week. The first, sent on Tuesdays, is an announcement of events, activities, new staff, etc. The second email, sent Fridays, is a look ahead at the coming Sunday and includes a reflection or meditation from our pastor. The Friday "RevSpeaks" is also scheduled to post on Facebook, so our community can link to it there and we have an additional presence in social media for those searching for connection. We also send additional prayer request emails when someone in our community passes away, or if an important message from our church conference needs to be shared.


In the past, we've utilized daily emails through Lent or Advent to send scripture and meditations specific to the season to try to connect the community through shared devotions. During the pandemic our Children's and Youth Director also used Constant Contact to send emails specifically to the families of our youngest community members filled with ideas and links to activity sheets.


Hope this is helpful and you find terrific was to connect with your community. 

R. Bourgeois
Church Admin and Event Coordinator

Thank you for sparking some great ideas for us to consider moving forward!  

We will definitely use a few of those




Jodi Lloyd