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Hello and welcome to the Other Industries Hub on the Constant Contact Community!


If you use Constant Contact, this hub is for you. The purpose is to create a space where our users can congregate and share notes, find resources, and decompress within the busy world of online marketing.


We will work to keep this space stocked with new resources as we come across them, but as this space is for you, we encourage you to share your own findings!


The Community Guidelines for the rest of the Community also apply here. You can review them here and the link is always available at the bottom of every Community page. 


Let's get to know each other and start some conversations. What do you use Constant Contact for? What successes have you experienced with our product or online marketing in general? Is there a feature of the product that you find yourself constantly using?


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Kaitlyn Santiago here with Santiago Spanish!  I'm a High School Spanish Teacher and I'm running my small business on the side.  I created online self-paced Spanish courses with interactive videos that bring my fun class right to your home!  I have homeschoolers, adult learners, and School Districts currently using the program, but am looking to expand.  Now seems like the perfect time to pick up my marketing game!


Kaitlyn Santiago



Kaitlyn Santiago
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My name is Renee and I just started on CC about a week ago.  I am a pet sitter who just started a Blog for busy dog owners.  I am trying to build a following through social media.  I set up my website about two weeks ago.  I have learned how to post to my social media accounts through CC, but not to answer my posts.  I also created a landing page.  This is all new to me.  It's very nice to meet all of you.

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Hi all,

My name is Shukri Rodol.  I have been a memeber of CC since Marach 2021 and full of excitment.  I am an Independent Travel Agent plan individual, famliy, group  and corparte travel, offer adivice on destinations,  plan trip itineraries, and make travel arragments for clients.


Shukri Rodol

Independent Travel Agent



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Hi @ShukriRodolTravel,


We're excited to have you here on the Community! Travel is an interesting industry right now, I'm sure, so we hope things are going well for your business and we're here to help with your marketing needs!

Nick S.
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