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2 Questions about starting up, Confirmations

New Member

2 Questions about starting up, Confirmations

I am a newbie in the trial period and I have about a dozen names in my list. A few have come in through the sign-up link I just installed and the others are existing contacts I have imported.

I have not sent anything out yet.

Please tell me if I correctly understand how this works.

1: the names arrive either through the sign-up link or my adding them.

and they automatically get a confirmation email within minutes of appearing in the email list and hopefully will show up as "confirmed", correct?

Right now I have one person who is showing up as "unconfirmed". She is someone with whom I am in frequent contact and she probably overlooked the confirmation.

If I send anything to her, it will show up in my Constant Contact as a violation, won't it? How can I safely contact her to ask her to confirm?

Valued Contributor

2 Questions about starting up, Confirmations

Do you have confirmed opt-in turned on?