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90 days then reports are purged

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90 days then reports are purged

I think that CC should make a more concerted effort to warn users that reports are not kept for longer than 90 days. As a result of not having saved a local copy of the reports to my computer, I don't have a list of customers who have opened my emails.

When I ran into spam complaint trouble recently, CC wanted to me to comply by only using the addresses of users who had opened emails. However I don't have that information so now our entire list is useless!

Can it really be so much trouble to preserver report data for longer than 3 months?
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Re: 90 days then reports are purged

I wonder if it would be outragious to ask to keep the information for a year?

Ray Higgins
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Re: 90 days then reports are purged

Thanks for the feedback. I'll go ahead and pass it on to our developer team. Not sure how soon it could be implemented as it would dramatically affect the way we store email reporting data. But it is something we are aware of.





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Re: 90 days then reports are purged

I agree, we've just realized we have lost all the data for campaigns we sent out at the end of last year. I think it's ridiculous number one that the data is purged in such short amount of time and number two, that this isn't CLEARLY noted on the email stats page for every campaign to warn customers. This is a serious inconvenience for us and feel we've been completely blindsided by this issue.