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A suggestion for a new feature for Constant Contact subscribers.

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A suggestion for a new feature for Constant Contact subscribers.

Hi guys,

I need to be able to create a group e-mail alias to protect my team from getting spam.

I run a Catholic Apologetics web site at

Instead of creating a mailto: link with all my friends e-mail addresses in the To: box of the opened e-mail, I want to create an alias one like:

then be able to put my team's e-mail addresses in the group alias e-mail.

When a visitor wants to ask us a question, the only thing they will SEE is that there question is going to

This is not a mailing list because the only time people will be added or removed is when I have a new apologist who wants to help OR someone gets ill and he needs to be removed from the list.

This should be easy.

PS. The customer service rep. got very defensive when I shared with him my disappointment with your religious e-mail templates. I was very disappointed with his lack of openness to MY opinion.

My point: If 95% of Americas are Christians and 25% are Catholic, why are your religious templates so generic and dummbed down.

Why not an e-mail with a picture of the Pope? the Eucharist? the Blessed Mother? Some Saints?

Come on people. We are not all godless atheists like Barack Obama.
Remember: GOD ***** AMERICA!
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A suggestion for a new feature for Constant Contact subscribers.


I use the Newsletters - Professional template. You can adapt any of your religious themes to this template. You might want to find images to your liking from the internet. I use the template for my florist shop/garden center and adapt it to my needs. It works out fine. Once you use CC more you will get the knack on how to use it.
If you are looking for particular religious images the internet has many and would probably more to your liking.
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A suggestion for a new feature for Constant Contact subscribers.

You can add your own banner download and also can input a picture using an URL hosted image. You aren't restricted to just use the CC library. Very versatile function when it comes to adding and changing images. Good Luck.
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A suggestion for a new feature for Constant Contact subscribers

Hi, Mike... I, too, was disappointed with the lack of religious templates that fit my needs. I hand-craft Catholic rosaries and chaplets. I also have a knack for learning software very quickly. As I realized the trial version and the most economical (the cheap) version only allows you 5 uploaded pictures, I noticed a place to put an URL for images already on the web. So, I also realized Constant Contact had a variety of templates that had various pictures but were not available with the religious group I chose. So, I spent a little time going through all of them and picking out the Christian ones. I copied all the URLs to the images and pasted them into Word. Now, if I choose one of them, I just copy and paste or I find one on the Internet that supports what I am trying to get across. If you need help with this or would like to see my latest email newsletter, please contact me. (I think you can get email info from the public profile user pages if I understand all this correctly.) Otherwise, I will check back here and see if you have responded. Thanks and God bless you and America! Robyn, Sacred Heart Blessings Catholic Rosaries and Chaplets