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Anyone else struggle with the bugs in the UI

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Anyone else struggle with the bugs in the UI

Everytime I sit down to compose an email I'm spending HOURS trying to control the bugs in the UI. This is the most horrible HTML editing interface I've ever worked with.

For example, when you insert a Quick Links block, then try and either edit the links that are there or add new links, the formatting goes haywire. Edited links change font face, color, and size automatically. Adding new links cause the same problem. Trying to manually changing the font attributes by selecting the text and selecting the attributes from the left works at times and at times it doesn't.

EVERYTHING I DO requires going in and cleaning up the HTML that the UI screws up.

Add to that deleting and replacing any text leaves stray HTML code that requires clean up.

This is MADDENING. Is anyone else having this trouble or have any suggestions short of rewriting the entire stylesheet?

How are average users managing with this program, or are they just trying very simple formatting without much control or care what Constant Contact wants to do to it?
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Anyone else struggle with the bugs in the UI

I'm a step away from cancelling this service and moving to another company that has a better product.
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Anyone else struggle with the bugs in the UI

Yet more problems. Transferred now to home computer. Figured I'd start with a clean template so choose a card from the simple group and selected gift certificate. I clicked the header block to modify the "Dear " block.

For an average user, the UI leaves the insertion point to the left of the contact field. Why??? Wouldn't it make sense to leave you where you need to start to type?

So, I moved the insertion point using the keyboard to the right. It then selects the entire field. I try moving it to the right again to get it past the field (reminds me of the days of WordPerfect with paired codes) and it still keeps the field highlighted. If I start to type it deletes the field. I CANNOT get past the field to type text after it. I finally just go along with what it's demanding and delete the field. I add my own text and add my own field. I save the block.

I add a graphic to another block and save it.

I click the Preview button.

The text I added in the header block is not there.

I click Exit Preview and get a message to log in again.

What in the world am I doing wrong????
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Anyone else struggle with the bugs in the UI

Don't just save the block you are changing, I suggest you save the entire campaign before you preview.

And make sure you caching is turned off on your browser. (Keep cookies, so you stay logged in)
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Anyone else struggle with the bugs in the UI

I have yet to find a better product, and that's not a plug for CC . . . I'd be gone in a heartbeat if I didn't see the exact same problems with every other mail client. Working in the HTML code is maddening . . . if you're at all OCD about clean code it's enough to make you ill. I spent a lot of time essentially writing the html from top to bottom for each box . . . but then if I wanted to make one little change to something it would f* it all up again. I am currently rewriting the stylesheet, and letting myself move with the flow it demands. I've made some concessions, but overall I'm starting to get something I'm happy with. Heavily reliant on text padding and margins . . . course, I haven't blasted one yet with the hand coded style sheet so who knows if it works. Add to that, this is the worst user forum I've ever come across. Demanding I register again, and then throwing a whole bunch of CC promotion articles in search results that clearly have nothing to do with what I am searching. I go through google and find the exact topic i'm searching for - change link colors css - but it pops me right to the homepage of the user support group . . . with no hint of the article in sight. rant over. back to your regularly scheduled program of tediousness.