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Bulletproof templates and emails?

Occasional Advisor

Bulletproof templates and emails?

Hi, I've been working with a default CC template and it seemed to do everything I needed it do, but we've been having some issues with CSS rendering properly in different e-mail clients.

We have a few various sized photos in the e-mail, and I'm wondering if perhaps that causes problems as well?

I've checked it in outlook 2007 and it appears to work fine, also gmail (firefox and IE), but when I sent it to my coworkers, the images appear tiny (postage-stamp sized.) This is in another computer with outlook, I'm not sure if its 2003 or 2007.

It also appeared that when I send the preview e-mail from Firefox vs. IE, there are slight differences:

for instance, some text that appeared left aligned in the Firefox preview came out center aligned in IE preview email, and I had to go back, select the text (which was left aligned..or so it appeared), and then click left align again.

has anyone found a bullet-proof solution short of not deviating from the least from the templates, or writing the template by hand? I tried writing the template using absolute position boxes with CSS (I have very basic css/html skills), but the preview window showed the "constant contact footer" at the top of the page, with my css stuff rendered over it - a nightmare. Is this avenue worth pursuing? I have adobe frontpage installed here, but haven't really pursued it yet. Anybody had any luck with frontpage? is Dreamweaver easier to use for a novice like myself?