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Campaign frequency

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Campaign frequency

I'd like to ask how often businesses send out newsletters? I told myself that every 5 weeks would be good as I didn't want to send too many emails, but I think that was too infrequent. I actually had people email me asking if there were going to be any updates sent out. And I had been wanting to send an update but waited 5 weeks.

I usually have major additions to the website every week or so, but think that would be too frequent. I think I next campaign will be somewhere in the middle, or at least closer to every 3 weeks or so.

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Campaign frequency


The frequency of mailings depends on the businesss. What is important that when people sign out you indicate the frequency and type of mailing you are sending out. Nothing loses a customers interest if you say that you plan to send out e-mail at a stated frequency and don't follow through.

I would avoid inundating people with mailings unless you indicate that when people sign up.

We send a monthly mailing out and the number of opens ranges within 44% to 50%. Some clients open it every month, others ocassionally.

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Campaign frequency

We try to send out two mailings a month. Being a cd store we send out fewer or more depending on how many interesting new releases are out in a given month.

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Campaign frequency

We have several lists for our clients to choose from.
One says right on the sign up page that it gets a lot of emails.
That is our steals and deals option.
The other main list 1-2 times a month. Usually one main newsletter on the 1st
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Campaign frequency

We send our e-mail newsletter once a month. We want our customers to look forward to it. Also, to find it informative, not fillled with junk. Sometimes we have held it for a few extra weeks if we really didn't have something "juicy" to say.


Campaign frequency

I am in a service industry, and send out my E-Newletter once per month.

I would think the same would bode well for retail.

The purpose is to stay "in front" of customers, whether it be service or retail.

There are always coupons your can include, store events, preferred customer events, new stock arrivals, etc.
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Campaign frequency

My goal is to send one out about every three weeks, which is time enough to give me plenty of new additions and changes to talk about. Usually, however, it ends up being about once a month. Two weeks would probably be a bit much for my customers and it certainly would be for me!

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Campaign frequency

I own a retail as well as online clothing store. I have a few rules that I find have worked. I never e-mail unless I have something NEW and something ON SALE. I turns out that I usually mail about once a month. I also mail early in the week, and early in the day so that I can ride herd on the orders as they come in, and keep my website updated.


Re: Campaign frequency

The average touch rate for Email Marketing is twice a month. At the very least, make sure to send out at least 4 times a year.  When people opt in to receive your emails, let them know how often you plan on sending so they know how much email to expect from you. According to Jupiter Research, when asked why recipients unsubscribed to opt-in emails 40% said they were getting too many offers.  If you decided to switch from sending every 5 weeks to every 3 weeks, monitor your opt-outs to see how your audience is reacting.


Additionally, Constant Contact offers a Planning for Email Marketing webinar for free that you can register to attend here: