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Code Help - OpenTracking & SimpleURLProperty

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Code Help - OpenTracking & SimpleURLProperty

Hi friends,

I've been digging and searching and reading and testing for a full day now, and I'm frazzled. I need some straight-forward help with my custom XHTML code. I am not a programmer, a designer, or a coder, but I'm fairly smart and learn quickly. So, if someone could spare a few minutes to help, I would be most appreciative. Here is my situation:

My company just recently paid to have a custom XHTML newsletter template designed. I am responsible for updating the newsletter each month, so the design team showed me how to update and add/remove content via Adobe Contribute, and then copy/paste the code in the Constant Contact advanced editor. It's beautiful and works well, looks consistent in most email readers, and is almost everything we need. The problem is that the design team did not implement the open tracking or link tracking codes. This functionality is very important to me. I've tried contacting the design team for their help, but they will not return my calls or emails. So, I have a few questions:

1. Where do I add , beginning or end or both, and where specifically in the code?

2. Where specifically do I add the SimpleURLProperty tags? How do I start and end the tag? What goes in the middle of the tag for text links? What goes in the middle of the tag for image links? In other words, how is a text link supposed to look and how is an image link supposed to work? Here are some examples from my template. If someone would take the time to actually place the code correctly, I could do it from here forward.


START EXAMPLE 1, an image named "3dplan_logo.gif" linking to our company site

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Code Help - OpenTracking & SimpleURLProperty

(1) OpenTracking
If you look at the HTML already in the system when you start a custom HTML design, what you see is:

... CC copyright info ...

(2) SimpleURL
Since you are turning on OpenTracking, the only reason to use SimpleURL is to NOT track something. Now, maybe I missed that in your samples, but is there a link or image you DON'T want to track?
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Re: Code Help - OpenTracking & SimpleURLProperty

This message appears to be incomplete. Can you include an answer to the first question about the <OpenTracking /> tag?

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Re: Code Help - OpenTracking & SimpleURLProperty



To finish answering the question regarding the <OpenTracking /> tag, there is not designated location where that tag needs to be inserted. As long as it is somewhere between the <body> </body> tags, those e-mails will track.


If you have any other questions, let me know!




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