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Color Scheme for Campaigns Forum idea

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Color Scheme for Campaigns Forum idea

I'd like an area where we can get ideas for different Color combinations to use. I change my campaign colors each month so that it does not look like old mail. But I have run out of inspiration / good color combinations to use.

For Easter I used Bright purple. Bright pink
Spring I use Greens
Autumn - Browns

I also find thoes tiny little squares too small and ofen misleading when used on a larger scale, and there is not enough choice.

Also does using red, flag an email as spam?

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Color Scheme for Campaigns Forum idea

I totally agree. I would like to see my work in progress at all times as a live sample that changes as I move the cursor over a new color choice. It's time consuming to save then preview with every possibility and then I have to remember all the different color combos that I liked three tries ago!

I also wish some expert would just tell me the most effective combos to use (sort of like you see in publisher templates). I've spent way too much time discovering what does'nt look right. I feel like I need a marketing or graphic arts degree to be able to pick the best colors and fonts. I guess that's why C.C. charges for that kind of advice.

I dont mean to sound negative. I just want to get -ur- done! I'll figure it out eventually.

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Color Scheme for Campaigns Forum idea

A number of years ago, I invested in a book entitled "Coloring Web Graphics" by Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin, published by New Riders Press ISBN: 1-56205-669-7. (Looks like there are some good deals on a used copy from Amazon.) Mostly because I did not have the graphic arts background - or even the imagination necessary - to understand what colors worked well together.

It has been an extremely useful tool - I suggest you get a copy - and save yourself a lot of headaches.
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Color Scheme for Campaigns Forum idea

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Color Scheme for Campaigns Forum idea


Here is a page that I found the other day Googling "Color Matching". It has a ton of links to sites that will match colors, give you new schemes, and one site will look at a URL you put in and tell you what colors are used on that page. I could go on and on.

"Online Color tools
Choosing matching colors for a design is one of the most important steps for every design. There are a lot of ways to choose your colors based on color theory, however there are a number of online color tools that can help you create color schemes for your graphic or web design and make your life easier. Here is a list of some of those tools.

EasyRGB: Creates a 12 colors scheme from an RGB value.

Color Blender: Calculates midpoint values between two colors.

Color Schemer: Creates a set of 16 matching colors from an RGB or HEX value.

Palette Master: Creates a 42 colors palette from a base color......more...

Hope this Helps! Good Luck...