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Constant Conact should parse through users website to get data

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Constant Conact should parse through users website to get data

The biggest problem many email marketers have is limited time.

For the small and very small businesses, taking time out to create newsletters is a pain, especially when you have to do it every month.

I am suprised that constant contact has not yet come up with a way (or wizard) that will parse through the users website on request, grabbing images (which the user needs) to be displayed in the newsletter.

Its a real pain getting images, having to resize them to fit in the newsletter and then having to wrap all the copy around it.

Wouldn't it be easier if the wizard would grab photos from your website and resize them for you, No hassle with links, no hassle with resizing and descriptions and prices! This would enable more and more users to send more campaigns. Sales could soar, both for CC and the user.

I barley use the service, only when I have to which is once every 5 months, and I'm on a monthly plan, but like a lot of people we are all busy, and I dont have other people to do this for me.

Like me there must be hundreds if not thousands of users (with other companies as well) that have the same problem. Even though its already so easy, we want it easier! WE have all the data and the copy/descriptions of our products on the website, why not use that as a template and turn it in to a newsletter, its pretty much of the same information anyway, we are making up newsletters that look like our websites, why not grab it through some sort of API or spider technology.

Sites like,, froogle already use similar technology, their crawlers parse through your website getting the correct info and sticking it in the correct places, images, pricing and description.

CC can do with a similar technology which is readily available fine tune it and grab the data with the user guiding the wizard.

Wouldn't you like to see this happen?

What do you think ?