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Email Template Creation

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Email Template Creation


Well we are new here but just thought I would drop a suggestion. The email creation process here is more difficult then it needs to be. With all of the blocks etc there is no real way to tell how the email will turn out due to spacing etc... i spent 3 hours on my last email to make lines even out, get blocks in the rioght spaces and other such un-needed time spent. With no blank template it makes it really difficult when you want to put a line divider in but instead of the block going all the way across the email it gives you a half page block. It is a very frustrating process and even looking into different templates etc... this is the way it is. Perhaps a more USER FRIENDLY Interface would make things easier for the non HTML programmer. Boxes and blocks are great to stack and knockdown but It makes stuff difficult when you try and see what you are getting when creating an email. The Preview is way off compared to the finished product. I send myself tests to make sure things are lining up the way they should to make a uniform email that is not all over the place. Even had a tech support person online working with it for over an hour and they were not even able to get done what I needed done. If the techs for CC can't do it then how can we be expected to do it. Just a thought::: Make it easier and you will have happier people

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Email Template Creation

Hi Jamie,

You're not alone in your frustration with the template designer. If you would like some 3rd party assitance, my company specializes in HTML design and coding. We've worked with many CC users to make life easier! We can custom design you a master template based off of your website that you can easily update for future email campaigns and is fully personalized. We also test all of our email designs against 20 email clients (including Outlook 2007) and 7 major spam filters. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to shoot me an email at or visit our website

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Email Template Creation

Newsletter Templates are quite accurate.

I've experienced that you get more out of smaller html emails.

Less content Less confusion by the reader.