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Google Ad Words Campaigns and Newsletter Sign Up Tracking HELP ME PLEASE!

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Google Ad Words Campaigns and Newsletter Sign Up Tracking HELP ME PLEASE!

I posted this a few weeks ago in a couple of sections, but I haven't received any replies so I thought I would throw it out in a new section!! Sorry to be repeat myself but it's a very critical issue for me and I am anxious to solve it.

I am looking for other people that may have solved this problem. I want to track the number of newsletter sign ups from a google ad words campaign - to do that I need to be able to track who lands on the thank you page. I need to insert the google tracking code into that page that my subscribers land on after they sign up for the newsletter. Currently that is the Constant Contact Thank You Page. Constant Contact informed me that there is no way to substitute the Thank You page on CC's site with my own, nor is there a way to edit it so I could include a link to click on that page. They suggested I use the API's to do what I want. Sorry, but I had to google what API even meant, and even then I wasn't certain that is what I need.

There must be others out there that are trying to track newsletter sign ups using CC?? Can you help me please?

Ideas and suggestions are VERY welcome!! I will owe you big time if you can help me solve this issue.

You can see what I have set up in terms of a sign up for a newsletter at

I have google ad words campaigns driving people to a sign up page but I can't track the results...