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Inline Embedded images

New Member

Inline Embedded images

I am already familiar with the negatives involved in embedding images in emails, but I would like to try it anyway. In my case the benefit of not having to click "display images" for the email to look proper outweighs the negatives.

My problem is HOW to do this in Constant Contact.

Here's where it gets a little techy:

I can encode the image in base64 and use the tag

However, I don't see a way to get that into a Constant Contact message. I tried several ways of getting the code into a message, but kept getting the error:
"You have inserted HTML code that includes one of the following strings: "outbind:" or "cid:". These are usually found in an image URL, and will be invalid when this email is received by your contacts. Generally, this is caused by cutting and pasting from an image-containing email generated in Outlook or Outlook Express. Remove the offending URL to proceed."

I understand blockin the cid: method because most people wouldn't know what it is and MOST of the time anything with that text would be accidentally pasted into the editor.

However, I know how to use it and am trying to do it intentionally. Any help here?


Dave Hall
Free World U
Solution Provider

Inline Embedded images

This is really something you should discuss with support.

I did some testing on encoded images (although not using the CID method) and everything I did, I used the advanced editor for.
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