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Kudos to the entire Constant Contact team

New Member

Kudos to the entire Constant Contact team

I just had to publicly express my appreciation to the creators of Constant Contact and and the support team that follows through with this product.

Coming from a white hat SEO background, I have always looked down on anything that I would even remotely consider spamming. I think all of us fear this in some way or another. We hate our inboxes loaded with crap that we do not want, need, or have ever asked for.

So it was with much trepidation that I went out into the email marketing field to find a viable newsletter solution for our company. We needed to deliver valuable information to those who sincerely wanted it without tarnishing our reputation by ending up in the inboxes of unsuspecting passers by.

The Constant Contact process helped me to clean my address files so that we did not offend anyone. The setup of my emails was relatively quick and painless but when I came across special needs that had to be met for my superiors, the support team was easily contacted, extremely helpful, and went waaaaay above and beyond to make sure that I was happy.

I can't say enough about how this has reversed my opinion about email marketing. I now enjoy a much easier and deeper relationship with our clients than I ever could have without this service.

As a company who deals daily in measuring customer service, I would have to rate Constant Contact among the highest of any company I have personally had the pleasure of dealing with.

Keep up the great work.