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Managing lists

Occasional Advisor

Managing lists

I'm just starting out with Constant Contact and I'm using it to market an e-commerce site we run. The site is built using a heavily hacked version of osCommerce which has its own opt-in and opt-out sections for newsletters (a standard part of osCommerce). Obviously each signed-up user has a database entry indicating if they're signed up to the newsletter or not.

So my problem is that I'm going to shortly do a database query pulling all the customers who want the newsletter and then import that list into Constant Contact. At that point the newsletter gets sent and presumably some people will then opt-out via Constant Contact and some will opt out via our customer account manager. I then see lots of work synchronising the two lists I then have.

Just wondering what the obvious way to manage all this may be? I'm a web developer so I can get my head around most things, but as I don't know much about Constant Contact yet I'd love some ideas from more experienced people please.