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Newsletter Archive

New Member

Newsletter Archive

I would like my visitors to be able to access previous newsletters using an archive link. How do I do this?
Solution Provider

Newsletter Archive

You need to create an archive on your web site.

I normally use the "Preview" function BEFORE I send it out, then choose "Print Preview". I display that HTML code in the browser, save it locally, then I make sure I edit out any code that might "unsubscribe" or otherwise effect my own subscription.

Once I have done the clean up, I FTP the file to my web site.

You can click on the link below to check out our archive.
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Newsletter Archive


I have followed several of your helpful steps to archive CC newsletters on a website. Everything looks good except the hyperlinks do not function.

I notice in the frameset that is the parent of the Print Preview page has this code.

Does this mess with my hyperlinks?

Here is a test page: Test Newsletter

Solution Provider

Newsletter Archive

You want to delete that, and on all URLs in your anchor tags you will find they end in "&id=preview" - you want to delete the "&id=preview" as well.
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