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November 08 Hints & Tips

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November 08 Hints & Tips

This month's issue of our Hints & Tips Email Marketing newsletter offers tips to help email marketers in this difficult economy with strategies to strengthen bonds with current customers and ideas on how to best leverage those strong relationships to attract new customers.

Please use this forum to share your ideas for marketing through a down economy!


The Hints & Tips Team

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November 08 Hints & Tips

I have read some good advice on gettiing blog traffic. I plan to do a give away on my blog.
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November 08 Hints & Tips

What we must not forget in this current economic climate is the fact that there are two ways of thinking:
The accountants' mentality and the marketers' mentality.
Accountants naturally look at cost cutting. They'll prune anything that they think no one will see the immediate negative results; so Advertising and PR get the chop.
Marketers naturally look at expanding market share and profile.

It is imperative to understand that by simply keeping your PR and Advertising schedule the same, you automatically increase your presence.


Good Luck!

November 08 Hints & Tips

I am reading a lot about strategy, marketing and people always says the same thing.

"Be there, but not to much. Bring something of value in front of people who can say YES to you. Etc, etc."

This is not very specific advise and hard to really understand what to do.

What we really need to do in a situation like today, is to try NEW things. It is the perfect timing to try to work with new people, read more to see opportunities, surf the web to find new contributors to your business.

Do you really get the best from your people. Don't you think you could get more from the same budget anywhere else... and a better service???
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November 08 Hints & Tips

With less cash around you can demand more value, offer more value and you will get more of the cash.
Accountant - offer the same product but make it cost us less
Marketeer - spend more on promoting your product and get more customers
for what it's worth
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November 08 Hints & Tips

Omar Bradley (WWII general) said, "Amateurs think strategy, professionals think logistics." Having a strategy is important - it tells you what you want to do. But knowing and planning your logistics tells you what you can do.

In a tough economy, your stragey must be bounded by your capabilities. We need to do new things with what we have on hand. Necessity is the mother of invention. Creativity is the mother of success.
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November 08 Hints & Tips

"Necessary Luxury and Meaningful Possessions" is a headline in our first Constant Contact newsletter, going out today. We are all looking for ways to sell our products, and I think that it is important to stress the value, quality, and permanence of what we sell. This is how I phrased my thoughts: "In this holiday season let us celebrate the magnificence of handmade things: Artists' Market is an oasis of beauty which nurtures the integrity of real craftsmanship and meaningful, lasting possessions. When you give a gift from our gallery you are supporting the excellence of American artists in small studios, and it is likely that the object you select will be treasured for generations. There is simply nothing more worthwhile than giving and receiving something made with the care and creativity that make this country truly extraordinary." So, if you would like to see more of what we do, visit Thanks
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November 08 Hints & Tips

Most people today are looking for the best price possible, it's obvious we all want
to make a higher percentage return. Lets face it, our time is valuable and we all
know "time is money" So, what can we do to increase our profits? He is my approach:
negotiate with the manufacture for better pricing, get them to pay freight and try to
offer free delivery locally if possible. It is the extra little things that you do to stand out
to your customer which over time they recognize. Go the extra mile to get a leg up on
the competition. Happy Marketing! :lol:

November 08 Hints & Tips

I have found that being generous in my business returns to me again and again.

Today I sent an e-newsletter to my market and linked them directly to a free White Paper I wrote on 'How to Close End of Year Sales'.

The appreciation is still coming in from readers.

I even received a personal phone call thanking me for the words of inspiration.

No need to even put in their email address...just instant access to a free, meaningful, and timely report.

And it felt good doing this too!