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ProSourcingPlus - Let Me know Your Thoughts

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ProSourcingPlus - Let Me know Your Thoughts

ProSourcingPlus -A World of Sourcing Opportunities
ProSourcingPlus Newsletter
"A World of Sourcing Opportunities" February 2009
In This Issue on Sourcing
Question on Online Purchasing
Online Shopping


is proud to annouce the following Merchants have joined 
 The Shoppers Link MALL in January2009.
Visit and see what these Merchants are offering for Your Valentine
Just Because Baskets
    Sears Canada
  2. PaylessShoe
    Payless ShoeSource
  3. QuickTax
    QuickTax, $19.99 Online Editions
  4. Columbia House Canada

  5. StarBucks
    Starbucks Caffe Verona
  6. NewEGG Canada


to see All Merchants


  • 2009 Trinidad Carnival
    February 23 & 24
Trinidad, WI
  • 2009 Rio (Brazil) Carnival
    February 20-24


Save Big at Sandals Resorts
Welcome to the February issue of ProsourcingPlus Newsletter and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this issue.
Have you ever made an ONLINE Purchase? The Facts show ONLINE PURCHASING is a growing trend and will only grow further as Merchants look towards cost saving methods of getting their products to the market in order to compete.
Why Online Shopping is Growing?
Time: Access 24/7 when You are available. No restrictions ONLINE vs Standard store times. Stuck at home or work due to weather or you realized late at night you had to make a purchase, the Online stores of ProSourcingPlus is accessable to you 24/7.

Ease/Convenience: Compare Merchants online vs physically travelling from store to store.
Cost: Savings are Available to You when You Purchase ONLINE in many ways. Merchants incentives such as Cost Reductions, Inclusion of Shipping, Package Deals etc. Your personal Time travelling to and from the Mall offers not only time savings but fuels and vehicle wear and tear are all savings to your personal benefit.
 Online Shopping
Technology has resulted in improved ONLINE access to Merchants from both the Personal Shopping and the Corporate/Business Buying levels.
With internet access, ONLINE Shopping from reputable Merchants Virtual Stores, can be carried out by Individuals and Business buyers from virtually anywhere 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.
Security enhancements by merchants to ensure the growth of their business have been key factors in the Growth of ONLINE Shopping. Merchants see ONLINE SHOPPING as the future and thus strive to build their Online businesses in a secure environments for the clients.
The Growth of ONLINE SHOPPING and the BOOKING of Travel is focused around a few key areas:
  • Access to product or service information
  • Access to combating Busy Lifestyles
  • Access to Cost Reductions
Merchants able to deliver on these key benefits will be the ones awarded with increased business opportunities and growth.
I have provided You with some insite on Sourcing from an Individual standpoint and a Business standpoint.
I would like to introduce you to ProSourcingPlus.
From the ProSourcingPlus site you have access to merchants in categories such as: Automotive, Computer & Electronics, Women/Men/Kids Fashion, Jewelry, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Travel and much more.
You may have previously received ProSourcingPlus's heads up on Valentine Day Gift Ideas. Hope you were able to act on them and you have already made, for a
Happy Valentine's Day.
If you haven't made that special purchase or travel plan, then here's your opportunity to come Test Drive:

( )


  • BOOK your Next Vacation or Business Trip from one of the Many Travel Stores, such as:
  • Purchase your Valentine Gift from one of the many merchants. Say it with Jewelry
  • Send Flowers or Concert Tickets. See the
    many merchants offering many options at
I thank you for the time spent reading this and do hope you take the time to explore the benefits of ProSourcingPlus ( ).



Sedrick Smith

Clinique Online
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ProSourcingPlus - Let Me know Your Thoughts

For me -- you have FAR too many ads. I would unsubscribe very quickly.

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Re: ProSourcingPlus - Let Me know Your Thoughts

Hello, there. I'd do a few things:


First, I agree with the earlier reply regarding ads. There are too many. More important than that, though, there's too much text and it's too small. I'd increase the font size and move a lot of the extra information to a blog or other social media source. People can get more information if they want. If not, they can move to the next item.


I also think the text is a bit too self-promotional. People get slammed with ads and with spam and hit the delete button whenever they see it coming.Also, I think all the ads, etc., get in the way of your message. I'm not sure exactly what it is you have to offer. Is it a service? A product?


I'd focus on providing information of value to readers and keeping the extraneous ads out. Focus on what you have to offer, but in a non-spammy way. I'd also keep the text short and focused. Use bullet points instead of long strings of text and make sure you have enough white space between paragraphs and sections.


I hope this helps. Can you tell I was an English major in college? :-)


Best, Margy Rydzynski

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Margy Rydzynski
Brave New Web: Social Media for Small Business;
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Re: ProSourcingPlus - Let Me know Your Thoughts


Why did you change font size near the bottom of you newsletter?  I thought all the words in blue were hyperlinks but it looks like only some are?