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Re: Cancel a Product?

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Re: Cancel a Product?

Update August 2017: This thread is archived as the policies around this process have changed. Content is saved for education; however, it will not be updated with new links or images. If you need additional information please create a new post/message.


@Marissa_R wrote:

Hi John,


We have a few ways that you can cancel your account, though it is not possible to cancel within your account.


You can cancel via phone, by sending us an email, by logging into our Live Chat, by tweeting at us.   Or you can email me directly within the User Community, Just click on my name over on the left and then on my profile click on "Send this user a private message".  If you choose to email me, please include the reason for your cancel so that I may put the correct information in your account.


You can access our chat and email support by clicking here.


As a note, the chat method is no longer supported, as per a conversation I just had earlier with a representative on chat.


See attached image for details of chat.


It is unfortunate that it still takes a physical phone call to cancel!  Seems like a clumsy attempt to try and retain customers!  Maybe it's a security policy, but without explanation, all that I see is an obstruction to the customer!



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